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Vision & Mission


We are committed to be a centre of excellence in health sciences towards the wellness of society through intellectual inquiry, creativity, innovation and dissemination of knowledge.


To achieve and maintain excellence in health sciences by:

  • Producing graduates with a high level of intellectual inquiry and professionalism.
  • Developing graduates with a strong sense of ethics and commitment to humanity.
  • Transforming knowledge into an instrument for sustainable development and wellness of society.


The School of Health Sciences has a philosophy that values education as the driving force behind the progress and development of mankind. We are committed to producing graduates who are able to pursue their own goals and direction while contributing to the development of an industrialised and civilised Malaysia. To fulfil the above aspiration, the School provides an education that is sustainable, futures-oriented and globally focused.

The School adopts a diverse and comprehensive interdisciplinary wellness-based programme for educational, scientific and human capital development. The curriculum provides the foundation for intellectual inquiry as well as a pragmatic contribution focused on the wellness of individuals and communities. As a consequence, the teaching-learning methods are focused on integrative problem-solving where students are encouraged to make group decisions that have a local emphasis with globalised consequences.

Thus, the School of Health Sciences is committed to the promotion of scholarship that has a foundation in scientific thinking, and professional interdisciplinary education supported by a strong research culture. This will enable our graduates to respond to the challenges of the 21st century with a sense of social consciousness and accountability. This effort is expected to uplift the nation status towards attainment of being an advanced nation by the year 2020. Excellence is regarded as the foundation of this noble effort.

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School of Health Sciences
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Universiti Sains Malaysia,
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Kelantan. Malaysia.

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