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Learning Outcomes

Programme Learning Outcome

At the end of the programme, the graduates will be able to:

PO1: Apply the core knowledge of forensic sciences together with the other specialty areas of forensic sciences and display the ability to organize them specifically in the analysis of evidence in forensic investigations.
PO2: Demonstrate technical skills required in the process of analysis, application and problem solving in forensic laboratory and/or at the real scene of crime.
PO3: Demonstrate the ability to use scientific critical thinking skills to obtain necessary information, investigate and conduct experiment or research in solving forensic related problems.
PO4: Communicate clearly and manage the scene of crime, and identify other associated skills in determining the type of forensic investigations with ethics and professional manners.
PO5: Work in groups or peers in different stages of criminal investigations; searching for forensic evidences, forensic analysis, crime scene management, and reporting the findings.
PO6: Display ethics and professional manners in the practice of forensic investigation and case presentation.
PO7: Identify and adapt with the most recent technologies and resources and opportunities for the advancement of forensic science services and lifelong education.
PO8: Apply good management skills and demonstrate entrepreneurship capaticities particularly in decisiĆ³n making and planning.
PO9: Demonstrate leadership skills through active involvement in social projects and the employment of fundamental knowledge in forensic sciences for the purpose of crime prevention.

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