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Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:

PO1: Demonstrate fundamental and advanced knowledge (theoretically and clinically) in the field of audiological sciences.
PO2: Demonstrate technical and practical skills in diagnosis and re/habilitative audiology.
PO3: Display critical and scientific thinking in integrating the audiological knowledge in assessment, interpretation, management, and re/habilitation aspects of hearing, balance and related disorders.
PO4: Demonstrate communication skills in dealing with patients, family members and health-related professionals and other related working environments.
PO5: Participate effectively in multi-disciplinary teams in managing patients with hearing and balance disorders.
PO6: Adhere to professional codes of conducts and ethical standards and demonstrate sensitivity to the differences in culture and religion.
PO7: Apply lifelong education and ICT skills to enhance clinical services and research in audiology.
PO8: Display entrepreneurship skills in audiology-related fields and practice systemic management in clinical audiology.
PO9: Demonstrate and apply leadership skills through active involvement in patient management and health-related professions.

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