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Speech pathology is a health science profession that deals with the identification, assessment, diagnosis, intervention and management of communication disorders (disorders of language, speech sounds, fluency and voice) and swallowing problems.  Speech Pathology Programme provides an academic programme for students to obtain Bachelors of Health Science (Speech Pathology) as a qualification to work as the speech-language pathologist.  The main aim of thisprogramme is to produce professionals who have the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills in speech pathology.  Our students will also develop a sense of professionalism to ensure ethical practices are provided to the public and to disseminate the knowledge ofspeech sciencesfor sustainable developmentandsociety welfare.

This is a 4-year professional programme that provides students with theoretical knowledge and clinical skills in speech pathology.  Students will undertake programme core courses that cover topics on communication sciences and disorders, medical and health sciences, linguistics, education, psychology and research, plus several elective and university courses.  The students will also have to accumulate 400 clinical educational hours and 250 clinical contact hours during clinical years, i.e. from Year 2 to Year 4 and to complete a research project during the final year.

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