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Elective Courses

The purpose of offering elective courses is to ensure that students are presented with knowledge which not only complement the core courses but also will enhance and broaden their foundation of knowledge. The school encourages students to freely select any of the courses offered.  All students of the School of Health Sciences are required to register a total of 8-39 units of elective courses. The units from electives courses will contribute to the total number of units for graduation. Students are reminded to ONLY select courses indicated by the school and to avoid selecting courses from own programme or any programmes unless permitted and approved by the School Board. Students are strongly encouraged to select electives courses offered within their respective academic year level. They may choose courses from one level lower or higher than their academic year, though this practice should be guided closely by academic advisor.  The Elective Courses offered by School of Health Sciences are managed by the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Unit.

Summary of the unit requirement of all programmes offered in School of Health Sciences:

Unit Requirements for Graduation
Programme Core Courses Elective Courses University Courses Total


109 16 15 140


115 10 15 140

Forensic Science

124 6 15 145


113 12 15 140

Medical Radiation

111 14 15 140
Audiology 122 10 15


Speech Pathology 122 10 15


Exercise and Sports Science

80 39 21 140


107 18 15 140
Environmental and Occupational  Health 106 19 15 140

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