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International Student - Requirements

Minimum Requirements

Completed 12 years of Primary and High School Education


High School Certificate (eg. A Level, HSC, SMU & UAN [Indonesia], Matayom Suksa 6 [Thailand], International Baccalaureate etc.)


Diploma in the related field


TOEFL score of 500


IELTS Band 5.5


Obtain minimum Grade B (Level 4) in the Intensive English Programme conducted by the School of Languages, Literacies and Translation USM.

Passed with credit in Intensive Preparatory Bahasa Malaysia Programme [Candidates pursuing programme conducted in the national language].


Passed the USM interview

Admission Requirements For Each Country

'A' Level (AQA, Brunei, Cambridge, Edexcel, London, Maldives)

  • 'O' Level and 'A' Level result slip and certificates
  • Taken at least 3 Advanced Level subjects at the same sitting
  • Passed 'O' Level or equivalent English Languange

Australian High School (New South Wales HSC, South Australian Matriculation, Victoria Certificate of Education, Western Australia Year 12)

  • Examination result slip and certificate, including your TER/ENTER/UAI record

German Abitur & New Zealand University Entrance, Bursaries & Scholarship Examination

  • Examination result slip and certificate

Hong Kong 'A' Level

  • 'O' Level and 'A' level result slips and certificates
  • Taken at least 3 Advanced Level and 2 Subsidiary Level subjects at the same sitting of the 'A' level examination

Indian Standard 12 (Central and State Boards)

  • Indian Standard 10 and 12 examination slips
  • Taken at least 5 subjects, including English language at the Standard 12 examination

Indonesian SMU UAN (Ebtanas)

  • If taken SMU EAN (Ebtanas) in 2005 or earlier, submit result slips and acceptable English language score
  • Taken at least 7 subjects, including English language, Indonesian as well as Pancasila and Citizenship Education
  • If taken SMU EAN (Ebtanas) in 2006, submit your class 2, semester 3 result slip

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

  • Submit your IB Diploma
  • Taken at least 3 Higher Level and 2 Standard level subjects, including English Language

Mauritius HSC

  • 'O' Level and Mauritius High School Certificates and result slips
  • Taken at least 3 Advanced Level subjects, General Paper and an additional subject at Subsidiary Level at the Mauritius HSC

Ontario Secondary School Diploma and Turkish High School

  • High School results
  • An acceptable English Language score if you did not take English Language as one of the subjects in your high school examination

People's Republic of China (PRC) National College Entrance Examination or Gao Kao

  • Submit the result slips and SAT I and II scores

Vietnamese High School Graduation Examination

  • Examination result slip and an acceptable English Language score
  • Taken at least 6 subjects, including English Language at the graduation examination

American High School Diploma, Filipino High School and Sri Lanka 'A' Level

  • Submit the result slips, and explanation of the high school grading system

Bangladeshi HSC, Mathayom 6 (Thai High School) and West Afrika 'A' Level

  • Submit the result slips, and explanation of the high school grading system

Myanmar High School and Pakistani Intermediate

  • Submit the result slips, and explanation of the high school grading system

Yemen, Jordan, Oman and India

  • Examination result slips and certificate of 'General Secondary School'

For Other Counteries
* For other counteries which are not listed here, please contact :

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Academic Management Division
2th Floor, Registry Department
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 USM Pulau Pinang.

Tel : 604-6575613 / 604-6533327 / 604-6533059 / 604-6532688 / 604-6533141
Fax : 604-6533328
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