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Alumni Activity for Audiology Programme 2020



Date             : 29th February 2020 – 1st March 2020

Venue          : Pusat Mahasiswa (PUMA), USM Kampus Kesihatan

The first Sireh Pulang Ke Gagang, Alumni Audiologi USM event was held from the 29th February 2020 until 1st March 2020 by the Audiology Programme, School of Health Sciences (SHS). The SHS Audiology Program began in 2005, with a class size of ten students. After 15 years of offering this programme at SHS, the Audiology programme has successfully generated a total of 145 graduates in the field of Audiology in the year 2020.

The Sireh Pulang Ke Gagang program has been a huge success. In addition to clinicians, lecturers and undergraduate students, there were 60 alumni who attended the event. The aim of the event was to gather all alumni of the Audiology Programme, as well as to establish Persatuan Alumni Audiologi USM. This initiative is to further establish a network between alumni and fellow undergraduate students, and also to share experiences.

The institution's goal for alumni was to engage closely with the university in different aspects such as teaching and learning support, career sharing, and associated campaigns to introduce and promote Audiology to the community as a whole has resulted in the formation of Persatuan Alumni Audiologi USM.  Cik Norsuhana Nordin was elected as the first president of Persatuan Alumni Audiologi. She is a graduate of the first batch of Audiology Programme.

Alumni from various backgrounds such as those working in government hospitals, private hospitals, universities, hearing aid centers, and Special Primary Schools, have participated in the career sharing session. Mrs Maziah Romli, a lecturer in the USM SHS Audiology Program and a former student, has chaired the session.



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