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Assalamualaikum w.b.t and a good day to everyone,

First of all, I, as the Dean and Chairman of the PPSK Occupational Safety and Health Committee would like to express my highest appreciation to the PPSK Occupational Safety and Health Committee. This committee, which comprises a Secretary, 9 Employer or Management Representatives and 9 Employee Representatives have been working together with the highest dedication to manage various matters related to occupational safety and health at PPSK. Their commitment and tireless efforts in implementing the occupational safety and health management system in PPSK have ensured that the safety and well-being of all staff are well taken care of.

Among the tasks of the PPSK Occupational Safety and Health Committee include:

(a) advising on the safety and health rules and safe work systems;

(b) reviewing the effectiveness of safety and health programs;

(c) conducting studies on the trends of accidents, near misses, dangerous occurrences, occupational poisonings or occupational diseases that may occur in the workplace, and to report to the employer on any unsafe or unhealthy conditions or practices in the workplace together with recommendations for corrective action; and

(d) reviewing the safety and health policy and making recommendations to the employer for any revision of the policy.

Therefore, in line with these functions, this website is created to provide a platform for sharing the following documents and information as reference to all PPSK staff in line with those used throughout USM, namely:

(a) the OSH Act and all subsidiary legislation made under the Act;

(b) industry codes of practice and guidelines relating to the elimination of risks to safety and health associated with the type of work performed in the workplace, and any other relevant codes of practice, by providing relevant training;

(c) information on the safety plan and its implementation, and any proposed changes to the safety plan that affect the safety and health of employees;

(d) technical information on safety and health hazards and the preventive measures necessary to eliminate or reduce them;

(e) information on operating procedures, work systems, and materials for use at work and other relevant data relating to safety and health; and

(f) such other information as may be directed by the Management from time to time

Although the task of managing the Safety and Health measures are the responsibility of the PPSK Occupational Safety and Health Committee, I hope that every one of us can play our respectively roles in shouldering our

collective responsibility to ensure the overall safety and health of PPSK. We all need to be proactive to ensure that our environment is safe, healthy and functional.

So let’s make our working environment safe, healthy and happy always.

I would like to say a big “thank you” to the PPSK Occupational Safety and Health Committee for the continuous dedication and monitoring of the Safety and Health of PPSK.


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