Program "Perangi Ancaman Musuh Cilik, Jauhi Denggi"

KUBANG KERIAN, 14 NOVEMBER 2019 – In conjunction with the 20th anniversary celebration of School of Health Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, a group of PPSK students led by Neevaarthana Subramaniam have successfully organized the “Perangi Ancaman Musuh Cilik, Jauhi Denggi” program. The aim of the program is to create health awareness on dengue among kindergarten children.

Perangi Ancaman Musuh Cilik Jauhi Denggi 2019


Children are individuals who are extremely vulnerable to be infected with dengue. Thus, it is important for us, especially, the allied health professionals to-be, to take the initiatives to raise health awareness about dengue. This can be done by educating and assisting the communities around us in preventing dengue. Cases and deaths due to the dengue infection are increasing every year, thus prevention from this disease can provide a way out, instead of a temporary solution.

Team of theatre performances 2019

Team of theatre performances.

We believe nobody should be left behind in educating the public, thus, a team of PPSK students prepared a theatre drama performance on dengue and its prevention techniques. The theatre script and the performance were specially crafted for children and were made informative and entertaining while engaging the children to the knowledge that was intended to be delivered in an understandable way. Apart from that, there were also games and activities for kindergarten children to participate in and to strengthen their understanding towards the knowledge of dengue.

Team of games and activities 2019

Team of games and activities.

Quoting Desiderius Erasmus, prevention is always better than cure. We strongly believe that public health education is play a key role in the control of infectious diseases such as dengue by ensuring the community members, since childhood, abte to understand the mechanisms of its infection and the prevention methods to avoid its transmission.

Project advisors along with the project director from left to right 2019

Project advisors along with the project director (from left to right).


“School of Health Sciences, Committed to Health”

Prepared by: Pua Jing Yit

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