Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes are research based programmes offered by the School of Health Sciences. The programmes aim to produce competent, intellectual and ethical research scholars who are capable of advancing knowledge in health sciences for sustainable development and wellness of society. The research studies cover the major disciplines in health sciences, including audiology, biomedicine, dietetics, environmental and occupational health, exercise and sports science, medical radiation, nursing, nutrition and speech pathology, as well as in the discipline of forensic science.


Research Field

Biomedicine Anatomy
Haematology and Transfusion Sciences
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Forensic Science Criminology
DNA Profiling
Environmental Forensic
Fire Investigation
Forensic Anthropology
Forensic Biology
Forensic Chemistry
Forensic Document Examination
Forensic Drug Analysis
Forensic Food Analysis
Forensic Psychology
Forensic Toxicology
Physical Evidence
Health Science Audiology
Computer Forensics
Environmental and Occupational Microbiology
Environmental and Occupational Toxicology
Environmental Health
Environmental Management
Exercise and Sports Science
Gender and Health
Health and Religion
Health and Society
Health Economic and Management
Health Promotion
Health Record
Health Social Work
History of Health and Medical Sciences
Occupational Health
Occupational Hygiene
Occupational Safety
Occupational Therapy
Medical Radiation Diagnostic Radiology Sciences
Medical Imaging
Nuclear Medicine Sciences
Radiation Biology
Radiation Protection & Safety
Radiological Instrumentation
Nursing Acute and Critical Care Nursing
Clinical Nursing Practice
Family and Community Nursing
Gerontology Nursing
Maternal and Child Health Nursing
Nursing Education
Nursing Management
Women’s Health Nursing
Nutrition Clinical Nutrition
Community Nutrition
Food and Nutrition Microbiology
Food and Nutritional Toxicology
Food Quality and Analysis
Food Services
Geriatric Nutrition
Human Nutrition
Infant Nutrition
Molecular Nutrition
Nutrition Education
Nutrition Policies/Programmes
Nutritional Anthropology
Nutritional Biochemistry
Nutritional Epidemiology
Nutritional Intervention
Sports Nutrition
Sport Science Assessment of Nutrient Intake of Athletes
Exercise and Sport Sciences
Exercise Physiology
Physical Fitness Testing and Assessment
Sports Nutrition



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  • Full-time: Min 4 semesters / Max 10 semesters
  • Part-time: Min 6 semesters /Max 15 semesters


Admission Requirements

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Fees Information

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How to Apply

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