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Suggested Scheme of Study

Component Semester 1 Semester 2
Course Credit Hour Course Credit Hour
University Courses LKM400 Malay Language IV 2 WUS101 Core Entrepreneurship 2
WSC125 Futsal 1 LSP300 Academic English 2
WCC120 Batik Canting 1
Core Courses GTU101 Structure and Function of Human I 3 GTU104 Structure and Function of Human II 3
GTU103 Fundamental of Health Informatics 3 GTX105 Medical Radiation Physics I 4
GTU105 Psychology and Behavioral Science 3 GTX107 Mathematics of Radiation Science II 4
GTX104 Introduction to Medical Radiation 4
GTX106 Mathematics of Radiation Science I 3
Elective Courses GTJ108 Health Communication and Education 2
GEG208 Human Resource Management in Health Organisations 2
Total 19 20

Component Semester 3 Semester 4
Course Credit Hour Course Credit Hour
University Courses HFF225 Philosophy and Current Issues 2 WCC130 The Arts of SLR Digital Photography 1
LSP402 Scientific and Medical English 2 HFE224 Appreciation of Ethics and Civilisations 2 
Core Courses GTX215 Medical Radiation Physics II 4 GTX219 Basis of Radiation Dosimetry 4
GTX213 Basic Science of Nuclear Medicine 3 GTX220 Diagnostic Radiology Imaging 4
GTX214 Basic Sciences in Diagnostic Radiology 3 GTX221 Nuclear Medicine Imaging 4
GTX218 Radiation Protection and Safety I 4
Elective Courses GEG216 Development of Health Services in Malaysia 3
GTB225 Epidemiology 3
Total 18 21

Component Semester 5 Semester 6
Course Credit Hour Course Credit Hour
University Courses
Core Courses GTU304 Research Methodology 3 GTU301 Ethics and Law for Healthcare Professionals 3
GTX307 Radiation Protection and Safety II 3 GTU302 Biostatistics 3
GTX326 Principles of Radiotherapy 4 GTX327 Brachytherapy 3
GTX328 Diagnostic Radiology Imaging Techniques 4 GTX330 Nuclear Medicine Imaging Techniques 4
GTX329 Quality Assurance in Diagnostic Radiology 4 GTX331 Quality Assurance in Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy 4
Elective Courses
Total 18 17

Component Semester 7 Semester 8
Course Credit Hour Course Credit Hour
University Courses
Core Courses GTX408 Dose Calculations and Treatment Planning in Radiotherapy 3 GTX415 Research Project (6/8)
GTX417 Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Techniques 4 GTX411 Radiotherapy Techniques 4
GTX415 Research Project (2/8)
GTX416 Professional Training 4
Elective Courses
Total 13 10

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