Credit Transfer

Credit transfer is defined as the recognition of a total number of credits obtained by USM students taking courses in other IPTA (Public Institution of Higher Learning) within the period of study at USM, and is combined with credits obtained at USM to fulfil units requirement for his/her programme of study. The transferred examination result or grades obtained in courses taken at other IPTA will be combined in the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) calculation.

Category of Students Who Can Be Considered for Credit Transfer

USM full-time first degree level students who would like to attend specific first degree level courses at other IPTA.

USM full-time diploma level students who would like to attend specific diploma level courses at other IPTA.


Basic and Core Courses
  (i) Credit transfer can only be considered for credits obtained from other courses in other IPTA that are equivalent (at least 50% of the content are the same) with the courses offered by the programme.
  (ii) Courses that can be transferred are only courses that have the same number of units or more. For equivalent courses but with less number of units, credit transfers can be approved by combining a few courses. Credits transferred are the same as the course units as offered in USM. Average grade of the combined course will be taken into account in CGPA calculation.
Elective or Option Courses
  (i) Students may attend any appropriate courses in other IPTA subject to permission from the School as well as the approval of other IPTA.
  (ii) The transferred credits are credits obtained from courses at other IPTA. No course equivalence condition is required.
Minor Courses
  For credit transfer of minor courses, the School should adhere to either conditions (a) or (b), and take into account of the programme requirement.
The total maximum units transferred should not exceed one third of the total number of units for the programme.
Credit exemption from other IPTA can be considered only once for each IPTA.
The examination results obtained by a student taken at other IPTA will be taken into account for graduation purpose. Grade obtained for each course will be combined with the grades obtained at USM for CGPA calculation.
Students who have applied and approved for credit transfer are not allowed to cancel the approval after the examination result is obtained.
Students are required to register courses at other IPTA with not less than the total minimum units as well as not exceeding the maximum units as stipulated in their programme of study. However, for specific cases (e.g. students on extended semester and only require a few units for graduation), the Dean may approve such students to register less than the minimum and the semester will not be counted in the residential requirement. In this case, the CGPA calculation will be carried out as in KSCP.
USM students attending courses at other IPTA and if failed in any courses are allowed to resit the examination if there is such provision in that IPTA.
If the method of calculation of examination marks in the other IPTA is not the same as in USM, a grade conversion method will be carried out according to the existing scales.
USM students who have registered courses at other IPTA and decided to return to study in USM, must adhere to the existing course registration conditions in USM.


Application Procedure for Attending Courses/Credit Transfer

USM students who would like to attend courses/credit transfer at other IPTAs should apply using 'Borang Pemindahan Kredit'.

The application form should be submitted for the Dean's approval for the programme of study within three months before the application is submitted to other IPTA for consideration.

Credit Transfer Form (Download Form)

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