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Unit Exemption

Unit exemption is defined as the total number of units given to students who are pursuing their studies in USM that are exempted from the graduation requirements.
Students only need to accumulate the remaining units for graduating purpose. Only passes or course grades accumulated or acquired in USM will be included in the calculation of the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for graduation purpose.

Regulations and Implementation of Unit Exemption

Diploma holders from recognised Public and Private Institutions of Higher Learning:
i. Unit exemption can only be given to courses taken at diploma level.
Courses for unit exemption may be combined (in two or more combinations) in order to obtain exemption of one course at degree level. However if the School would like to approve only one course at the diploma level for unit exemption of one course at degree level, the course at diploma level must be equivalent to the degree course and has the same or more units.
iii. Courses taken during employment (in service) for diploma holders cannot be considered for unit exemption.
iv. The minimum achievement at diploma level that can be considered for unit exemption is at least 'C' grade or 2.0 or equivalent.
v The total number of semesters exempted should not exceed two semesters.
In order to obtain unit exemption for industrial training, a student must have work experience continuously for at least two years in the area. If the student has undergone industrial training during the diploma level study, a student must have work experience for at least one year. The students are also required to produce the report on the level and type of work performed. Industrial training unit exemption cannot be considered for semester exemption as the industrial training is carried out during the long vacation in USM.
vii. Unit exemption for university and option courses can only be given for courses such as Bahasa Malaysia (LKM400). English Language, Islamic and Asian Civilisations as well as co-curriculum.
IPTS (Private Institution of Higher Learning) USM Supervised/External Diploma Graduates
i. Students who are IPTS USM supervised/external diploma graduates are given unit exemption as stipulated by the specific programme of study.
ii. Normally, unit exemption in this category is given as a block according to the agreement between USM (through School that offers the programme) with the IPTS.
Students from recognised local or foreign IPTA (Public Institution of Higher Learning)/ IPTS who are studying at the first degree level may apply to study in this university and if successful, can be considered for unit exemptions subject to the following conditions:
i. Courses taken in the previous IPT are equivalent (at least 50% of the course must be the same) with courses offered in USM.
ii. Students taking courses at advanced diploma level in IPT that is recognised to be equivalent to the first degree course at USM, may be considered for unit exemption as in (c)(i).
iii. The total maximum unit exemption allowed should not exceed one third of the total unit requirement for graduation.


Unit Exemption Form (Download Form)

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